Frederick Douglass Freedom Festival

Douglass in fur cap

By Jake Clapp

The annual Frederick Douglass Freedom Festival is celebrated in June, symbolizing the date of the unveiling of his statue in Rochester on June 9th, 1989. During the opening ceremony, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren says we can never give enough honor to the memory of Frederick Douglass. His contribution to the eradication of slavery and the stubborn struggle for social and economic equality will forever leave its mark on our hearts through the generations.

The Special Event in Frederick Douglass' honor took place from June 8th to 10th and included various events paying tribute to the memory of the great abolitionist, orator, publisher, and writer. On Friday, the festival started with an abolitionist tour that took attendees to the Harriet Tubman Home in Auburn. On Saturday, a ceremony was held near the Douglas Monument in Highland Park with the participation of a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass, Kevin Douglass Greene. Finally, on Sunday, the motorcade went to the monument and the Douglass gravesite in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

We are grateful to everyone for the support that was provided to our project during the preparation. This Freedom Festival became possible thanks to the direct financial participation of our partners:

Wells Fargo

Roc City Insurance Services

ESL Federal Credit Union

J.P. Morgan Wealth Management

Premium Mortgage Corporation